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What is an Emploer Value Proposition (EVP)?

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is your company’s core benefits that make up your wider employer brand. Think of it as a promise between an employer and a potential applicant. What can your company and culture offer them, in exchange for their talent, skills, and experience. An EVP is where you can explain and build the case for top talent.

Why Do You Need An EVP?

A well-rounded EVP can sharpen the identity and culture of your company, strengthen your employer brand, and facilitate better recruitment overall. But, it’s also because the balance between applicants and employers has shifted.

The war for talent has arrived and shows no sign of slowing down, and top candidates now are spoiled for choice when it comes to new roles. So, an EVP is important both when sourcing potential candidates or when they come across your job posting.

So, if your company wants top talent, you need to have a well-defined, attractive, and candidate-attuned EVP to give candidates a reason to apply. Not only that, but given a reason to want to work at your company.

Who Should Develop Your Company’s EVP?

The creation of your company’s employer value proposition should be led by HR, but should also take a page from almost every corner of your organisation. That can include executives, senior managers, regular employees, or people specifically tasked with recruiting talent.

But, your EVP should also be aligned with your overall company strategy, guiding vision, and working philosophy. So it helps to have buy-in directly from the top.

Employer Value Proposition Example: How Do You Write An EVP?

An EVP should server as both an attractive and realistic statement for potential employees. While buzzwords might make things sound better, they lack the substance to truly compel applicants to do what you want them to: apply.

The structure of an employer value proposition should typically follow this line of thought:

  • What your company can offer.
  • What the competition is also offering.
  • The experience an employee should (and will) find from their first day on the job.

In order to write a great EVP, you need to balance all three of these things. That’s because you want to strike the perfect balance between who your company wants, what top talents wants, and what they will actually receive.

What do employees currently enjoy about working at your company (roles, responsibilities, progression, etc.)?

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