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Despite their benefits being praised time and time again, many employers still shy away from using temporary workers.

Often we’ll have clients come to us looking specifically for a permanent members of staff. Once we’ve learnt more about their requirements it often becomes clear that they would benefit from instead the use of temporary workers.

Maybe you have never used temporary workers before or maybe you’re unsure about the benefits or process of using temp service. If so our reasons to use temps might help to understand that temporary workers could be the ideal solution for you.

We have created our top reasons to use temporary workers and why they could be the ideal solution:


Perhaps one of the key reasons why employers choose to hire temporary staff is because it can offer full flexibility.
Sometimes staffing requirements are unexpected, urgent and stressful. Whether it’s due to an increase in business, the unexpected resignation of employee or even short term sickness, sometimes it’s simply unavoidable that you need new people in your organisation and quickly.
Temporary workers could be the solution. We offer temporary workers that can be with you within 24 hours so help take the pressure away. We always have a team of experienced temp worker who fully quality and background checked. In most circumstances our team are used to working on temp assignment and hitting the ground running, solving problems quickly. We fully employ all of our temporary workers ,which means we are responsible for all their legislation and HR compliance. You just need to make sure they have the right tools to do the job.


Staffing is important – we get it. You are trusting us with something very important and critical to your business – your people.
Our in-house temporary specialist recruiters are highly experienced and have over 25 years of supporting businesses with temporary requirements. We understand the pressure and problems unexpected staffing issues can have on a business, but we are here to provide practical advice and support, taking time to understand your business so we can work in partnership with you to solve any problems together.

We have many testimonials to share where temporary workers have given such situations a new way of thinking. In many instances, temporary workers can bring a new set of eyes to an organisation – offering the chance to reassess inefficient processes or introduce a new approach due to their experience of working in lots of organisations.
Similarly, when there is no longer the need for the additional support provided by temps, you will be able to adapt your workforce accordingly.
We dont just provide workers! We work with you to manage your workforce saving you time. Where work with large volume temp contracts and long term temps, we create a service delivery plan which can include such aspects such undertaking all reviews for you, monitoring productivity and when visit onsite to support you we can support your teams with management training. For some clients we undertake your company inductions and L&D for you – it part of our service.


Often temporary workers can cover an internal role or parts of of a permanent position which enables you to give your existing team the opportunity to step up or take on more responsibility.
We have case studies that show if you upskill and empower your team, retention rates will increase and long term your employer branding increases – long term saving you time and money and helping your become a stronger employer of choice in your market.
A temporary worker could taken aspect of a role which enables your existing to develop.


Our clients who a little unsure of taking on a new permanent hire have seen benefits of taking a temporary worker on first with the view to extending into a permanent role
Companies leveraging a temp-to-perm strategy can reduce the risk of bad hires by putting a candidate to the test in real-world conditions to see how they perform with the existing team and how capable they are of meeting the requirements of the position before committing to a permanent employment offer.


A common misconception is that temporary workers can be expensive.

Temps in fact can be a very cost-effective choice in staffing. You only pay us a set hourly charge rate for workers we look after their full legislation and employee benefit costs.

If you hire permanent employees you might have to provide benefits from day one such as compensation and overtime pay, you can save on medical/dental benefits, sick pay, retirement and other legislative costs for permanent hires. We offer our temp workers many benefits when temping a Prescient Group worker.

Setting you up as a client is a simple process and takes very little time. Each week you just need to sign off timesheets – we do the rest.

For some clients who have little capacity for line management, we have the experience, skills to do this for you. We create tailor made solutions and can take away more than just find the right candidate to do the job for you.

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